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: First I wanted to say how pleased I am to have found your website, so many different topics to discuss.
: Right now my life seems to be hell.Last year I lost my best friend Dale, he was such a positive influence in my life and I miss him dearly, and I am still mourning his passing although I do receive many ADC's from him, I still miss him physically being here. My dad was diagnosed with Non Hodkins Lymphoma in July and then my 7 year relationship with my husband has gone to the point of no return, and then an old friend comes back into my life and it turns out he is addicted to cocaine and was stealing from me, As try as I might to feel happy, I have this empty,sad feeling in me, these are my darkest days.....

Hey Liz

Thank you for visiting with us at Reaching For Joy. Its here that you will find love and compassion from many.
I can totally relate to your feeling of the dark days. After my last divorce, you might say I hit rock bottom before my accident. I had lost my house, my business, and almost my sanity. But I came to realize that even though all my personnel material possessions were deleted, there was one thing that I FOUND that was the greatest gift of all, I FOUND my best friend, ME. Experiences through life can steal, rob, lie, and cause tragedy, but they can also make our Spirit and Soul stronger.
Let the precious memories of Dale live strong within your soul, and keep the love for your father burning. As for the people who use you and steal from you, just remember thats all they can do to you, as the harm their inflicting upon their own souls will have to be addressed at a later time.
Take care, and heres hoping you have a beautiful evening.

Reaching For Joy


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